Interview with Abigail Reynolds, author of The Pemberley Variations

20 Dec


I have a lovely interview with Abigail Reynolds to round out my interview posts for the year! Thanks again for reading these interviews, and I look forward to your thoughts about my 2012 challenge to read all of Austen’s books and relate them to today’s problems.

Have a happy holiday season!

Abigail ReynoldsCarolyn Crist: What sparked you to pursue publication as an author?

Abigail Reynolds: I had no intention of publishing when I started out writing for internet fanfic sites, but readers kept encouraging me to try. Eventually I decided that if I didn’t try to get published, I’d always wonder what might have happened, so I gave it a shot, and here I am!


Carolyn: What ideas led to your books?

Abigail: My ideas for variations on Pride & Prejudice are all different. Sometimes it’s a scene in the original book that drives me crazy, like at the Lambton Inn when Darcy doesn’t tell Elizabeth that he still cares for her because he assumes she knows it. Other ideas are based on curiousity about what would happen if I changed a factor.


Mr. Darcy's UndoingCarolyn: What characters draw your attention?

Abigail: I’m fascinated with both Darcy and Lizzy – I want to know what makes them tick. I think Bingley has unplumbed depths.


Carolyn: What intrigues you about Jane Austen?

Abigail: I love her narrative voice. She mocks people, but it tends to be in a warm way. You don’t get the feeling that she really dislikes her characters – she may find them silly, thoughtless, or manipulative, but she’s never nasty about it.


Carolyn: How do you support yourself financially while writing?


Abigail: Easy answer – I don’t. To make enough money to live on, I’d have to write a lot faster than I do and have a very wide readership. Fortunately for me, my husband has a job that provides benefits, so we don’t have to depend on what I make from writing. I’ve worked part time through all of my writing career to date, but I’m quitting my job soon to write full time.

Mr. Darcy's Letter



Carolyn: And tell us about your blog tour – what is that like?


Abigail: Busy! Blog tours can be a lot of fun, but they’re also like Freshman English on steroids. For my last tour, I had to produce 16 posts of 500-800 words each over 4 weeks, mostly on assigned topics. The fun part is interacting with the readers. The hard part is balancing the time it takes with the need to be writing new fiction.

Thanks for inviting me!

Thanks, Abigail! And thank you for being my wonderful final interview for 2011.


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