Darcy. Austenite. Six novels.

These terms strike a specific chord with Austen fans across the world. Austen spinoffs and Austen blogs abound, but I want to know what keeps this trend going. What is it about Austen, her heroes, and her heroines that survive the ages? What works in the spinoffs and blogs, and what doesn’t? How do we apply Austen to our lives?

Join me in the journey of figuring it out!

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Carolyn Crist is a reporter specializing in that hefty but magical burden of storytelling. Throw any story at her, and she’ll whip it back at you with precision — and good quotes. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in health and medical journalism at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Through her Telling Stories blog, she aims to find the stories that need to be told. Check out her other websites to glimpse into additional writing styles and interests.

This site also hosts links to Carolyn’s work — both print and multimedia — as well as her resume.

Following the completion of her degree, Carolyn hopes to be a full-time nonfiction freelancer and part-time fiction author. Ultimately, Carolyn hopes to help others through her writing.

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